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Undocumenting the DACAmented: Rep. Gutiérrez Says Republican Proposal Kills Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Eliminates Protection from Deportation for DREAMers

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Below is a press statement from Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) about the House GOP border bill, which end DACA and lead to the deportation of DREAMers:

Over 600,000,  young people raised in the United States, who came forward and applied for DACA will now be turned back into undocumented immigrants.  It defies logic to turn immigrants with authorization to work and contribute to this country into undocumented immigrants.  And they call our side the party that supports illegal immigration?  It is sideways logic.

Clearly Republicans are not interested in owning this fact because under direct questioning by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia refused to answer if those with DACA now would be allowed to renew.  And because this bill was rewritten yesterday to make it harsh enough to garner Republican votes, there have been no hearings or outside analysis.

This program was initiated by President Obama under the law as it existed and exists today and we have had a national election where the President was overwhelmingly returned to the White House, but now as the next Election Day approaches, Republicans want to kill DACA and kill it quietly on a Friday night.

If they want all DREAMers deported, they should say so proudly and let the rest of America know where they stand.  Apparently, even these legislators have a threshold for shame.

Thank God this will never become law.

A vote is expected in the House late tonight.