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Twitter Reacts to Lengthy GOP Debate Segment on Immigration

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gop debateRick Perry said that people who can’t support the DREAM Act “don’t have a heart.”  Mandatory E-Verify, which this week passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, was mentioned for the first time.  Ron Paul called the bill a “national ID card.”  The Republican presidential candidates met again for a debate in Orlando, Florida last night, and engaged in a lengthy sparring session (livetweet here) about immigration.  Nothing substantial was said, of course, about comprehensive immigration reform or what we’ll do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants already here.  But hey, they’re Republicans.

Here’s some of our favorite Twitter commentary from the night:


I can’t wait for illegal immigration to end so we can finally pay $50 for a salad. #gopdebate


Glad to see Republicans boo a gay soldier in Iraq and boo the thought of showing compassion to children of immigrants #gopdebate #crazypills


On topic of #immigration Perry defends his tuition credits for illegals as #Romney silently says WTF, SON?!! yfrog.com/mmpp5p


Hypocritical that small-govt #GOP candidates are OK with govt REQUIRING businesses to check #immigration status? Shouldn’t onus be on GOVT?


Never heard a #GOP presidential candidate refer 2 his heart & children when referring 2 #undocumented & education. #Perry #immigration


The negatives @GovernorPerry gets for #immigration illustrates the difference between living it daily and learning of issue thru media.


Why are most rep are so against #immigration? What makes America great is the mixture of cultures. On this point #Perry wins #GOPdebate


People who want the fence to be built across entire border probably believe it’s just a flat desert like terrain. #immigration #tcot #rl


Re: An #immigration wall RT @JHEVideoPro: it’s a typically stupid response to a complicated issue. #GOPdebate


Once again, amid the candidates blabber about “illegals” “fences” and “boots” not one solution, not one. #GOPdebate #FOXdebate #immigration


Build a 20 ft wall, and I’ll show you a market for 25 ft ladders. #gopdebate #immigration


we’re with Perry on this one, yes we Americans should have a Heart, incentivize illegal immigrant kids that want to learn. #immigration


Paul: Worried about National ID. “You need to attack their benefits,” he says regarding things like instate tuition. #immigration #gopdebate


Wait, @GovernorPerry wants more federal involvement on an issue? #immigration #gopdebate

brig42 Brigitte 

This is the 21st century, it seems crazy that we are talking about building an expensive, clunky fence. #immigration #gopdebate


@GovernorPerry “I supported Arizona’s immigration law by joining that lawsuit to defend it.” #gopdebate #immigration #dreamact #latism


Well, at least Perry’s telling you what he thinks, instead of what he wants you to think he thinks. That makes sense, right? #immigration


“A considerable amount of jobs going to illegals” How poorly-phrased and untrue. #GOPDebate #immigration


I love how these #GOPdebate candidates are talking about what we need, but no mention of how to pay for it. #immigration


#China built a big old fence along their border a thousand years ago. Is that what you want to copy? #GOPdebate #immigration


Time for the #immigration portion of the #gopdebate. Let’s see which of these clowns will out-racist the others.


@weeddude: Build that wall. Build it. @MicheleBachmann #Immigration” –with what money? She wants no taxes!