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Trump Supporters Scream Expletives, Pour Drinks On The Heads Of Latino Protesters

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Donald Trump’s rally in Sunrise, Florida was interrupted by at least three groups of Latino and immigrant rights protesters yesterday.

A Facebook video shows about half a dozen protesters chanting “Shame on you, Donald!”

Trump supporters appear to be screaming expletives and throwing the middle finger at the group as they were being led out of the venue by staff.

During a second interruption, “a Trump supporter who had helped kick the protesters out came back into the arena holding his arms in a triumphant ‘V,’” reported the Miami Herald.

During a third interruption, “some Trump backers dumped their drinks and threw trash at the hecklers.”

A video of the Trump supporters pouring their drinks on the heads of protesters was captured by journalist Katie Johnson.

After pouring her drink on the protester’s head, the female Trump supporter throws her cup at his head. She appears to lung at him, but is then held back by another woman.

Both cheer after the group has been escorted out of the venue.

In the foreground of the video, another Trump supporter in a blue shirt is also shown happily clapping at the protesters getting ejected.

Outside the venue, more protesters gathered holding signs reading “Dump Trump!” and “No Place In The White House For A Sexist Pig!”

“Is there any place better than a Trump rally? Or more fun?” Trump reportedly asked his followers back inside. “The safest place to be is at a Trump rally, you’ve seen that.”

We guess Don hasn’t seen our “Trump Hate Map” yet.