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This Week/end in Immigration: NPR on Mimes, Flanders on March, Action Wanted, & ICE Quotas

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Lots happened over the weekend, so here’s a quick roundup of immigration news from around the interwebs.

More March For America highlights:

First and foremost: you just have to laugh (potentially out loud) at NPR’s take on the Roy Beck/Numbers USA mime incident:

“SAGAL: It was an immigration throw down. When anti-immigration activist Roy Beck left his home on Sunday he knew he’d encounter thousands of immigrants and pro-immigrant protestors marching around the mall. But he never expected a hostile troop of female mimes…(laughter)… Beck says that they harassed and insulted him and his bodyguards with, quote, “crushing physical intimidation,” end quote… (laughter) First, we suspect by placing them in invisible boxes…(laughter) …then blowing them backwards with imaginary winds. |(laughter) …This is true. One of the bodyguards got fed up with the mimes, took out a knife and started popping their balloons, leading to his arrest on assault charges. The crafty mimes, however, eluded the cops by climbing an invisible ladder they’d brought with them to freedom.

Next, watch Laura Flanders’ latest GritTV segment, “Courage for Immigration Reform:”

While House members were grandstanding on the floor over health care reform Sunday, and the news networks largely focused on tea party anti-healthcare protests, tens of thousands of immigrants and allies flooded the Washington Mall…

To really fix our broken immigration system, we’re going to need more than vague declarations from the White House. We’ll need real leadership, and the stomach to take on viciousness from protesters the likes of which we haven’t seen before.