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The "Straight Talk Express" Gets Derailed on Immigration

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It is an amazing fall from grace. A wrenching story of throwing principle on the bonfire of politics to keep power at any cost.

I once knew a man of principle named John McCain.  John McCain was a hero of mine. Senator McCain 2010, we want John McCain back.

In 2005 through 2007 Senator John McCain partnered with Senator Ted Kennedy to fight for a much-needed but controversial comprehensive immigration reform bill. A group of us – advocates for immigrants and supporters of their plan – were close to the action.  It was the experience of a lifetime.

In the back room, where Senators let their guard down, talk strategy and reveal themselves in ways unseen out in front of the microphones, McCain and Kennedy seemed like superheroes in a world of lesser mortals.  They were about leadership not sound bites. They cared about getting it done rather than looking good. They had the guts to stand up to interest groups and loudmouths in their respective parties. They knew the risks but took big chances. They seemed to relish doing what is right in a town known for doing what is safe.

These are the kind of leaders the Founding Fathers envisioned when they crafted our democratic system.  Or so I thought.  These are the kind of Senators I imagined led our Congress when I became fascinated with politics in my 8th grade civics and history class.

Well, Senator Kennedy held true to his convictions until his last day on earth.  He is destined for immortality.  Senator McCain? Not so much.