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Tell Congress: 200,000 Good Reasons to Move Immigration Reform, Now

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200,000 reasonsWow, what a week.  Now that  health care reform has passed, let’s tell Congress they have 200,000 good reasons to move immigration reform next.

Last Sunday, more than 200,000 people came out to rally on the National Mall for real immigration reform – blowing the roof off of our greatest expectations.    

The stage was filled with civil rights heroes, Grammy-award-winning musicians, brave youth activists, and our leaders in Congress.  But most importantly, the Capitol grounds were filled with immigrants and native-born Americans from all walks of life: families, workers, churchgoers and community groups. They were all here to tell Congress that this is the cause, and now is the time.

The President and Congress promised real immigration reform right away and it has yet to be delivered.  For the hundreds of thousands of families who are still being torn apart each year, this is unacceptable.  It was an honor to share the day with the 200,000 men, women and children who came to Washington to demand change this weekend, and I am emboldened to keep fighting for real immigration reform.  Our movement is strong and it continues to grow!

Join us – tell your representatives in Congress they’ve got 200,000 good reasons to get moving on real immigration reform.