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Rally in Chicago Today to Support Andy Mathe’s Family

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Mathe Family Deportation PosterBy Sofia Navas-Sharry:

Today, there’s a rally in Chicago to support Hope Karekezi and her family. From FIRM:

Hope Karekezi fled Rwanda in 2007 with her mother and three children, seeking refuge due to death threats she received from radical South Africans, who have had a long-time grudge against Hope’s husband and father-in-law, who were affiliated with the Rwandan army in the 1990’s when the country was facing genocide. America was the hope for Hope.

She and her family came to the United States to flee the madness (and extremists) that stalked them every day to live a more prosperous life. They sought asylum and made a request for deferred action, but were denied. Hope’s son, Andy Mathe, was arrested and detained by ICE for theft charges that were eventually dropped.

On Tuesday, July 26th, Andy was deported back to the country he and his family had escaped four years ago. The day before this happened, President Obama was personally handed a petition with 5,000 signatures to stop Andy’s deportation. He was told, “if you really care about our community, then do something for this family.” The President had a choice to help a man in desperate need, and unfortunately, that did not happen. Andy is now in hiding with missionaries in South Africa, but longs to be with his family again, whom he hasn’t seen in over 85 days.

Hope is going to a check-in at the Chicago ICE Agency today, August 2nd. This could possibly mean deportation back to a country that wants them dead for the entire family. There is going to be a rally from 11 am – 2 pm CT outside of the ICE Headquarters. The address is 101 W Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL (on the corner of W Congress Pkwy and S Clark St.) Click here for details and to show your encouragement for the Mathe family.

If you are in the Chicago area while this is happening, please go and show your support for this family who so desperately needs it.