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Success: Rigo Will Stay, “We Have the Power to Fix It”

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This little video made me smile today:

Earlier this month, Angela Caputo of Progress Illinois described Rigo Padilla, the 19-year-old honors student facing deportation, pictured in the video above, as “A Local Posterchild For Our Broken Immigration System:”

Well, according to the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR):

Today, December 10th, we got some great news. Rigo Padilla’s deportation has been deferred.

This victory is due to the unified support for Rigo by Chicago municipal, state, and federal elected officials; the University of Illinois at Chicago community; youth, immigrant advocates, community and faith leaders. People across the Presidents hometown of Chicago and from around the country lifted their voices to end this senseless deportation and move towards just and humane immigration reform.

The campaign to stop Rigo’s deportation exemplifies two things. Our immigration system is broken and that we have the power to fix it.