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Steve King Now Fundraising off Viral Encounter With DREAMers

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Rep. Steve King and Sen. Rand Paul, the two Congressional players in this week’s viral video confrontation with DREAMers Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas — are now lashing out in response to how badly they came off in the video.

Rand Paul, who became a national punchline after he ran away from Erika and Cesar, berated them on Wednesday, saying during a radio interview:

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not interested in being filmed and berated by people who broke the law and are here illegally to try and convince me about policy.

And Steve King — who grabbed Erika by the hand during their confrontation, insulted her by making comments about her English, and asked her if she was a drug smuggler — is apparently fundraising off the encounter.  Here’s the email he sent out to his supporters yesterday, claiming that Erika and Cesar “ambushed” him:

The pro-amnesty liberal elite is at it again, resorting to desperate tactics to remove conservatives like me from Congress. While the left plays politics, I am working to enact solutions to stop the border crisis caused by Barack Obama.

Donate now to my campaign to help me fight back against Barack Obama’s lawlessness!

I was recently ambushed at one of my events by illegal aliens who were upset about my stand against Obama’s amnesty. I have no problem with engaging in thoughtful dialogue with those who are willing to listen. Unfortunately, these people were more interested in attacking me for wanting to uphold our country’s laws.

You can view my response here.

The President is essentially telling Central American families that the United States has suspended its immigration laws and that they will be given a free pass into our country. This is just another instance of President Obama’s blatant abuse of power.

My conservative colleagues and I took a stand by passing tough legislation in the House to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. The bill is filled with solutions that I fought to have included, and now it is up to the Senate to get it to the President’s desk.

Securing the border has always been one of my top priorities. Unlike Barack Obama, I’ve actually been to the border to see the crisis up close. And unlike Barack Obama, I can be counted on to defend the Constitution and the rule of law.

Any contribution you can make right now will go a long way toward spreading my conservative message. Chip in now to make a stand against Barack Obama’s pro-amnesty agenda.

Interesting that he doesn’t link to the video itself — God knows what would happen if his supporters heard from a REAL Dreamer who’s lived here nearly her entire life and has done so much for her community, and resembles not at all the cantaloupe-calved drug smuggler caricature that King likes to talk to much about.