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Sign the Petition to Keep Anthony John Makk at Home With His Husband, Bradford Wells

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Anthony John Makk and Bradford WellsBradford Wells and Anthony John Makk met nineteen years ago in Australia, and were married seven years ago in Massachusetts.
But despite the fact that have been together for so long — and the fact that Bradford is a U.S. citizen who is terminally ill — immigration officials have told Anthony that he needs to leave the country by August 25th. This is causing even more stress for Wells, who has been diagnosed with AIDS, and relies on Makk as his sole caregiver. According to CNN

…for the past few months I’ve been sick to my stomach with worry and I’m going to wake up and Anthony isn’t going to be here,” Wells said.

Earlier this year, because of a discriminatory law better known as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Anthony’s request for permanent residency as a spouse of an American citizen was rejected because they are a same-sex couple. And now, immigration officials are threatening Anthony with deportation.
Even though the Obama Administration has the authority to keep families like Bradford and Anthony’s together, they refuse to use it.
Furthermore, President Obama has already said the DOMA is unconstitutional.

If Anthony is deported, he will be forced to leave behind his husband, their family, and their friends — not to mention their dogs.

Already, 60 members of Congress have asked the Obama Administration to stop the separations of families like Bradford and Anthony’s, but the administration is still refusing to provide any relief.

No matter what their sexual orientation might be, families should not be forced to live under the constant threat of separation, and spouses of American citizens should not be deported.
Show your support for Bradford Wells and Anthony Makk by signing and sharing this petition, urging President Obama to keep this family together.