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“Shame, Shame, Not In Our Name”: LGBT Americans And Allies Protest Outside Trump Tower

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Chanting “Shame, shame, not in our name,” a massive crowd of LGBT Americans and their allies protested outside Trump Tower in Manhattan yesterday.

The protest targeted Donald Trump for despicably claiming “to be the best candidate for the LGBT community,” and trying “to divide LGBT people and Muslims, after the nation’s deadliest terror attack since 9/11,” according to writer and LGBT activist David Badash.

Of course, Trump’s claims about being pro-LGBT are ridiculous. Just yesterday, he announced a new advisory board featuring the who’s-who of anti-LGBT figures, including Tony Perkins, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and James Dobson, the latter of whom once implied that men should shoot trans women in restrooms.

On social media, LGBT Americans had already responded to the Republican nominee using the wildly-popular #AskTheGays hashtag. Yesterday, they and other allies turned out in full force.