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Senate Passes Immigration Amendments that Would Make Tanton Proud

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John TantonThe anti-immigrant movement
won a small but important victory today, with the Senate voting in favor of
nasty amendments to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bill.
One of these expands the flawed E-verify program— without the long-term solution of providing comprehensive reform to
our nation’s broken immigration laws.

Of course, this measure will still have to be resolved during the bill’s
conference proceedings, but it was not the only backward amendment to pass

In terms of immigration amendments getting tacked onto seemingly unrelated
matters, it’s business as usual for Sen. Jeff Sessions,
the Republican Senator from Alabama who introduced the E-Verify measure today,
which won by a voice vote on the Senate floor. Sessions has been a strong
advocate against immigration reform, appallingly calling immigrants
“terrorists” and “child molesters.”  Sessions was recently exposed as
incendiary on immigration for his ties to White supremacist, John Tanton. Just today, the Center
for New Community (CNC) released a new chart identifying Tanton (pictured right) as the czar of
the anti-immigrant network:

What appears to the public as a myriad of voices advocating
for severe immigration enforcement is nothing more than a series of front
groups, “coalitions,” and spin-offs seeking to overwhelm reasonable debate on
immigration. Tanton founded the Federation for American Immigration Reform 30
years ago and shortly thereafter U.S. Inc. These two groups jointly fund and
support most of today’s national anti-immigrant groups.