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In Scotland, Neighbors Have Raised Mexican Flags Around Trump’s Golf Course In “Solidarity With The Mexican People”

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When Donald Trump lands in Scotland later this week, it’s sounding like he’s going to be in for quite an unexpected surprise.

Several neighbors have erected Mexican flags just outside his much-reviled Aberdeenshire golf course in “solidarity” with Mexicans and other groups Trump has insulted and demonized for the past year.

From Buzzfeed:

“The point of the flag is to show solidarity with the Mexicans and every other group that Trump has decried, derided, insulted, and tried to marginalise,” said David Milne, who has lived for 25 years in a former coastguard’s lookout that is now enveloped by the golf course.

“We wanted to point out that while he seems to think he can say what he likes in one place and not hear about it elsewhere, he is wrong. If he insults someone in the States, it doesn’t mean we don’t hear about it here. We wanted to show solidarity but we don’t think he is worth doing anything more.”

Even though Scotland is birthplace of Trump’s mother, locals have despised his property since its inception, saying they repeatedly lost power and water during construction, and the resort now blocks views from their homes.

Joining Milne in flying the Mexican flag is neighbor Michael Forbes, as well as Susie and John Munro. The Munros “have a Mexican flag but no flagpole, so plan to drape it from a window or wall when Trump arrives later this week.”

So how long until Trump starts claiming “the Scots” love him?