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Sarah Palin Visits “Statute” of Liberty, Discusses Immigration, and Slams the DREAM Act

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sarah palinAmerica’s favorite distraction, Sarah Palin, continued her will-she-or-won’t-she-run-for-President bus tour yesterday with a visit to New York’s Ellis Island and the “Statute” of Liberty.  And she didn’t disappoint – offering up another incoherent jumble of GOP talking points on immigration and just maybe giving us a peek into the immigration strategy that could propel her into the White House.

Still maintaining that her tour—aboard a private bus emblazoned with the Constitution and a blow-up image of her signature—is nothing more than an all-American family vacation that happens to include some key primary states, Palin took time to ruminate about Lady Liberty and immigration:

It’s one of the symbols of course of our country, and it’s a reminder too that immigrants built this country.  So we want to make sure that we’re highlighting that on our bus tour, maybe so that the present day immigrants know how much we appreciate them and their work ethic, and their love of country and freedom.

Not all immigrants got a bear hug from the mama grizzly, however.  She excepted DREAMers from her praise:

The immigrants of the past, they had to literally and figuratively stand in line and follow rules to become U.S. citizens. I’d like to see that continue. And unfortunately, the DREAM Act kind of usurps that–the system that is a legal system to make sure that immigrants who want to be here legally, working hard, producing and supplying revenue and resources for their families, that they’re able to do that right and legally. Unfortunately, the DREAM Act doesn’t accomplish that.

Really?  It doesn’t?  Immigrants who work hard, supply revenue, and produce resources for their family sound like DREAMers (among other immigrants) to me.