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Russell Pearce and Kris Kobach Caught on Camera at Yesterday's Supreme Court Hearing

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Yesterday, at the Supreme Court, the federal government battled it out with Arizona over the latter’s controversial anti-immigrant law, SB 1070.  As you recall, SB 1070 was drafted largely by informal Romney advisor and notoriously anti-immigrant, Kris Kobach — who also holds connections to the shady Tanton network. The bill was also sponsored in the Arizona legislature by former state Senator Russell Pearce (“former” because Pearce lost his seat in a recall election last November due to the SB 1070 backlash.) Both of them, as expected, made an appearance at the Supreme Court yesterday, and my fearless colleague, Maria, got them both on camera:

Reporting of yesterday’s hearing focused attention on the fact that several Justices appeared unconcerned about the broader civil rights implications of the law. “If there’s such a thing, Greta, as a good day in court, I think today was that day,” said Jan Brewer on a Fox News show later that evening.

The Supreme Court is expected to make a decision by late June.