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Rush Limbaugh: GOP Won't Have to Worry About Political Risk Because Americans Are "Begging" for Shutdown

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The last federal shutdown, in 2013, cost the nation an estimated $24 billion and tanked GOP poll numbers.  But some Republicans are apparently hankering for another shutdown in response to President Obama’s executive action, which means they have an incentive to downplay the last one.

Check out this recent clip of Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday, courtesy of Media Matters.  In it, he claims that the “only thing that happened in that [last] shutdown was Barack Obama closed…the World War II Memorial to World War II vets” and “shut down some White House tours.”  He also claimed that the American people are “begging” the GOP to stop President Obama and that Republicans don’t need to worry about the political risk of another shutdown.

Right.  John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have both gone out of their way to say that there will be no shutdown.  But hey, if Rush Limbaugh thinks it’s fine….

Watch the video of Limbaugh’s comments, courtesy of Media Matters: