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Right Wing Watch on William Gheen: Only President Steve King Can Save Christmas from the Immigrants

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Republicans have been reacting in all sorts of extremist and ugly ways since President Obama announced his new executive action for immigrants.  But one of the most extreme may be this interview published today by Right Wing Watch, featuring ALIPAC’s William Gheen discussing everything from immigrants to Christmas to Ferguson to Steve King being president.

Here are some choice quotes:

  • “The megawealth of the planet has never really been happy about the United States of America and this entire concept that we the people are self-governed…they’ve found a way to talk over…by facilitating a very costly and deadly illegal alien invasion.”
  • “That type of aggression – some of which you see it around the Ferguson situation, and you saw it around Duke Lacrosse and you saw it around the Trayvon Martin situation — these defamation, these stirring people up [results in] the over 320,000 violent crimes minorities commit against whites in America.”
  • He warned that America is going the way of London, which he claimed is rife with “prior illegal aliens storming into neighborhoods and bursting right into the houses to rape and pillage because they’ve already disarmed everybody through full gun confiscation.”
  • Gheen warned that immigration reform will displace Americans who celebrate Christmas: “Once this happens, the Socialist States of America are fait accompli, and anybody that represents the sort of moderate ground or center-right past Americans that celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving and things like that, Fourth of July type Americans, will never be in charge of our own country.”
  • Gheen’s solution to all of these ails: for Congress to impeach and remove both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, then to get Rep. Louie Gohmert or Rep. Steve King elected Speaker of the House so he can ascend to the presidency until the next election is held.

Read the full piece or listen to audio from Right Wing Watch here.