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Reflections on Marcelo Lucero’s Murder: One Month Later

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candlelight vigilIt’s been a month already since we reported on the brutal stabbing of Marcelo Lucero and the rise of violence against those perceived as Hispanic.

From Long Island Wins, a personal reflection on the events that took place in the wake of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero’s tragic death:

As I hurriedly lit candles, I looked at the faces of the people passing me by – Latino, African-American, Native American, Asian, Caucasian, young, old, babies, handicapped, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist (only because they told me), wearing work clothes, wearing raincoats, from Patchogue, from the city, from Nassau, from Suffolk, on bikes, speaking many different languages, elected officials, people who can’t stand elected officials, activists, Joe the plumbers, democrats, republicans, Ron-Paul-supporters (?!) – It was a truly amazing moment.

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