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AMC Channel to Launch Reality Show Starring the DHS, Including ICE, This Fall

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body scanMove over, Jersey Shore

AMC has announced that it will be launching a new reality show this fall, Inside DHS, based on the inner workings and daily toils of the Department of Homeland Security.  That’s right, the people at Department of Homeland Security, the same people who are responsible for over-scanning your grandmother and frisking six year olds, are now getting their own show.

According to AMC’s head of original programming Joel Stillerman:

This is not about presenting an expose, but to celebrate an absolutely massive effort that goes on day to day to keep us safe…It’s a huge coup for us to be able to launch our (unscripted) initiative with a show like this.  We try to do programming that is inherently dramatic and culturally relevant, and it’s not always easy to find projects where those two things overlap so clearly.

Billed as “the real story of the day-to-day battle to keep us safe, prepared, and resilient,” the series is expected to cross an examination of the bureaucracy’s inner workings with COPS-like field segments on border security and immigration enforcement. 

From Wired:

Expect a nailbiter about the realities of the security bureaucracy, where agency science officials weigh the pros and cons of surveillance drones for safeguarding big public events; debate doling out grant money for bomb sniffing plants; and — in the key reveal — sign Memoranda of Understanding with the Defense Department for protecting the civilian internet from cyberattack.