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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: The DREAM Lives On

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As the future of the DREAM Act remains in the hands of the United States Senate, the Spanish-language press reports today that the upper chamber’s strategy of shelving the proposal in order to consider the version passed by the House of Representatives is breathing new life into the bill’s prospects of becoming a reality. 

La Opinión (Los Angeles) publishes the editorial “Keep the dream alive” (“Hay que seguir soñando”), concluding:

“We must not lose hope. The legislative agenda is tight, but thanks to yesterday’s maneuver, a devastating defeat became another opportunity for young people and the rest of the country.”

News agency EFE reports that “Democrats in the U.S. Senate postponed a vote on the ‘DREAM Act’ for legalizing undocumented students, giving oxygen to a bill which will survive only if it gets 60 votes next week.” 

And Notimex indicates that:

“by a vote of 59 to 40, the initiative’s supporters passed a motion to cancel, for the moment, the final vote on the Senate version (of the DREAM Act), keeping open the possibility that the House’s version could be considered in the coming days.”