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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: State of Play; Mothers for Family Unity; Delay SB 1070

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The press covers a telephonic press conference on the “state of play” for immigration reform, mothers ask Michelle Obama to help stop separating families, and Chuck Schumer wants Arizona to put off implementation of SB 1070 for a year.

State of play.  Univision.com, El Diario La Estrella (Dallas), El Financiero (Mexico City), La Vanguardia (Coahuila), and La Opinión (Los Angeles) all have writeups of the call, which was hosted by Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice.

 Mothers for Family Unity. Hoy (Chicago) and the EFE cover a request from a group of mothers to First Lady Michelle Obama asking her to intercede on their behalf with the president to stop the separation of families.