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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: DREAM Activism; 1070 Lawsuit; NALEO Poll

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The demonstration yesterday by activists calling for passage of the DREAM Act, which would legalize young people who had completed at least two years of college or enlisted in the military (in addition to fulfilling other requirements), is one of the lead stories in the Spanish-language media this morning. And on the eve of the second hearing in the federal lawsuit against Arizona law SB 1070, that suit — and the law it challenges — also occupy the headlines.

DREAM activism. Much of the coverage, such as La Opinión’s (Los Angeles) article, mentions that a dozen students were arrested for civil disobedience in various Senate offices. AOL Latino, Al Día (Philadelphia), and MetroLatino publish an article by Maribel Hastings of America’s Voice, analyzing how the students have become spokespeople not only for their own legalization, but also for that of millions of other undocumented immigrants—including their parents, relatives and friends as well as total strangers. El Nuevo Herald (Miami) reports that the push for the DREAM Act reflects a change in strategy among activists, who are now trying to guarantee “targeted” legislation to legalize certain groups in addition to promoting comprehensive immigration reform.