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"Pro-Reform" Republicans: Dreamers Are Coming for You So Support Executive Action on Immigration

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Below is a press statement from DRM Action.  It relates to this encounter between DREAMers and Rep. Mike Coffman:

This week, a Dreamer confronted Congressman Mike Coffman (R-Col) on his stalled efforts to pass legislation to allow Dreamers to serve in the military. With Congress failing to act, the DREAM Action Coalition is issuing a direct message to those Republicans, particularly Rep. Coffman, who allege to be supporters of immigration reform:

While we appreciate such legislation and some Republican’s efforts to call for immigration reform, in today’s political climate, it simply isn’t enough: as members of the House of Representatives, to truly be an advocate, we need to see a stronger push from Republicans on House leadership, and support the President to take executive action, particularly to update Department of Defense policy to allow Dreamers into the military.

We helped to author legislation to allow Dreamers to serve in the military, held an event to push it just outside of Congress and stood next to Rep. Denham (R-Ca) and Rep. Coffman when he said “These extraordinarily dedicated young people want the opportunity to serve their country – the one they call home- in uniform.”

Today, nearly a year later, Coffman’s response to whether his legislation will come up for a vote is “um, I hope that it comes up.”  This is a far cry from strong representation that our community needs: it feels as though you stood next to us to be photographed with DREAMers and show that to your Latino voters, but once the media momentum wasn’t there, you forgot about us and faded in with the rest of Republicans in the House.

Now that immigration reform in Congress has proven impossible, we need your firm and vocal support of Obama’s upcoming executive order.

We will be paying close attention, and remembering people’s choices going into elections, especially those with large Latino and immigrant constituents. Most importantly, we will speak to you in your districts and in Washington DC because we will no longer tolerate empty rhetoric.