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Round Up: President Obama Travels to Border to Deliver Immigration Speech Today

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white house signFollowing a series of meetings with immigration stakeholders, celebrities, and members of Congress, President Obama is continuing with his most focused push on immigration reform to date this week: flying to El Paso, Texas, to visit the border.  Obama is expected to give a speech at 3:30 pm EST (you can tune in here) this afternoon to discuss enforcement and reform. We’ll be live-tweeting the event too, in case you’d rather tune in there.

The reactions to the news that Obama is set to give an immigration speech today are varied. The New York Times’ Caucus blog reminds readers that immigration was supposed to be a Year 1 priority:

As a candidate, President Obama promised Latino voters that he would aggressively push for passage of a comprehensive immigration bill during his first year in office.

“What I can guarantee is that we will have in the first year an immigration bill that I strongly support and that I’m promoting,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with the Spanish-language broadcaster Univision in 2008.

But as we all very well know, that hasn’t happened.