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President of AFL-CIO and DREAM Student to Obama: Pass Immigration Reform

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Richard Trumka, Gaby PachecoIn a press conference late last year, President Obama mentioned that one of his biggest regrets for 2010 was Congress’ inability to come together to pass the DREAM Act. Obama has, time and time again, promised to pass meaningful immigration reform. That obviously hasn’t happened. Instead, advocates are worried about the increase in deportations over the past two years. Richard Trumka, President of AFL-CIO collaborated with Gaby Pacheco, Dream student, to write this piece as a call to President Obama, reminding him that the time to pass the DREAM Act is now. This was published in the Miami Herald yesterday:

Florida students from across the state recently gathered to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address. Some because they wanted to, others because it was history homework. Among the thousands of young people who watched this American tradition are mixed-status families, undocumented students and immigrant workers – Americans in every sense except on official paperwork.

President Obama, in his speech, presented his vision for a new chapter for the United States, and acknowledged these new Americans – our neighbors, students, and friends who have been exploited by or locked out of a broken immigration system.

The president noted the great contributions and economic potential of immigrants to our nation. Working Americans know we need to build a middle-class economy, which immigration reform must be a key ingredient of.