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Politicians ‘Get Tough’ on Dishwashers and Day Laborers and Weak on Crime

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spongeOver the last several years, Members of Congress who oppose comprehensive immigration reform have cast themselves as the law-and-order crowd, and mostly gotten away with it.  But they went too far when they set their sights on attacking state and local police.

By trying to punish local law enforcement agencies that refuse to put the deportation of undocumented workers before the arrest and prosecution of dangerous criminals, they’re exposing what really motivates their policy proposals: concern over dishwashers and day laborers, not the safety of American communities.

In a new report published by the Immigration Policy Center, Debunking the Myth of Sanctuary Cities: Community Policing Policies Protect American Communities, I explain how opponents of comprehensive immigration reform have pushed a dangerous policy that would alienate immigrant crime victims from state and local police, a policy that would make entire communities less safe.  These politicians share the same worldview as notorious Latino residents of Maricopa County who have committed no crimes into Public Enemy Number One, while thousands of outstanding felony warrants languish on his desk.

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