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Open Letter To Cast Of “Saturday Night Live” Calls On To Them To Speak Out Against Donald Trump

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The #RacismIsntFunny campaign has gone to the next level by sending an open letter to the cast of “Saturday Night Live” calling on them to speak out against Trump and raise their voices in support of the Latino and immigrant communities.

The full text of the letter is available below.

November 6, 2015

We are part of a movement of over 500,000 people who signed a letter to Lorne Michaels asking him rescind the invitation for Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live. Providing him that platform is an endorsement of his hate-filled, racist rhetoric and we oppose it because we don’t think racism is ever funny.  We are asking you to speak out against Donald Trump’s racism and in support of our Latino, APIA, and immigrant community.

Trump’s demagoguery and intolerance are not just offensive, they are dangerous.  His words are encouraging violence towards Latinos and immigrants across the country. Some of us know this first-hand.  Last month, in Florida, Ariel Rojas was spit on and dragged from a Trump event, after Trump threatened violence from the stage.  In Richmond, VA, Ronald Sanchez was spit on by a Trump supporter and ended up filing a police report over the incident.  You can read about these and other incidents like them at America’s Voice’s “Trump Hate Map.”

Are you even aware that Donald Trump has called for the mass deportation of 11 million people? That’s an extreme and unprecedented attack on our families and our communities. And, it puts all Latinos, API Americans, and others at risk of discrimination and racial profiling.

White nationalists are flocking to Trump. They know exactly what he’s saying. Your participation in the show with Trump legitimizes his message of hate and racism.

Please speak out against Trump’s racism and in support of our communities.   

America’s Voice
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC)
Iowa’s Voice
Latino Rebels
Make The Road New York
National People’s Action Campaign
Ohio’s Voice
PICO California
Reform Immigration FOR America
Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations (VACOLAO)
We Belong Together
United Farm Workers
United We Dream