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On Tax Day, Legalization, not Mass Deportation, will Strengthen Economy

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Immigration and the Economy

Day after day, anti-immigrant organizations try to convince the American people that immigration is a drain on the economy and that the mass deportation of undocumented workers is good policy.

Well, yesterday was a new day. Yesterday’s news that organized labor has joined forces to push for comprehensive reform highlights the important link between common-sense immigration reform, the economy, and worker protection. As the New York Times argued so succinctly yesterday:

Even in a bad economy – especially in a bad economy – getting undocumented immigrants on the right side of the law only makes sense.

The cold, hard numbers show that immigration reform would be a boon to our economy and help America grow stronger together. Not only would comprehensive immigration reform bolster our nation’s tax coffers and level the playing field for all workers and employers, but the alternative- mass deportation- is an outlandishly expensive wager.    

As Jake McIntyre points out in “Labor Feds Unite to Support Common-Sense Immigration Reform,” yesterday’s major labor news shows that comprehensive immigration reform is the right approach for our economy and the right approach for America’s workforce.

Still not convinced?

Take our quick tax day immigration quiz – then put your money where your mouth is (or vice versa)!