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Obama and Corzine Know the Power of the Latino Vote

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Obama is asking New Jersey’s Latino voters to back Governor Jon Corzine in his bid for reelection. How? In a 60 second campaign radio ad that went on the air today – half in English, and the other half in Spanish.


The ad is being played on radio stations in the New Jersey-New York metropolitan area, as well as in the Philadelphia region. 

Obama has been an ardent supporter of the Governor, having attended Corzine campaign rallies first in July and then again last week.  And on Sunday, President Obama plans on return to New Jersey to rally even more support.  Needless to say, it has gotten the Governor some enormous coverage. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A July rally with the president led to a television ad for Corzine, and Obama-Corzine billboards popped up in urban areas around the state, including Camden and on one of the roads leading to the event yesterday.

Governor Corzine, who took office in 2006 after resigning from his role as state Senator, is running against Republican candidate, Christopher J. Christie.