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NYT: A Way Forward on Immigration

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RI4a It’s worth reading the whole Editorial, “A Way Forward on Immigration,” from Saturday’s New York Times, but here’s a snippet

President Obama and Congress members met privately at the White
House on Thursday for their first major discussion of immigration reform.
Immigration is just one unsolved national crisis among many, and it was hard
not to suspect that the parties might use the meeting — which had already
been twice postponed — to dampen expectations for a bill this year.

The meeting was more encouraging than that. It led to a persuasive
show of unity among Republicans and Democrats. Both sides made the case for
getting a comprehensive reform bill written and passed this year, or early
next. Mr. Obama announced that the homeland security secretary, Janet
Napolitano, would lead a working group of both parties and houses of Congress
to do that.

It now seems more likely than before that Mr. Obama is ready to
lead the way, uniting problem-solvers in both parties out of a long-stalemated