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New Surge in Early Voters in Nevada—Any Relation to Angle’s Race-baiting?

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Curious if Sharron Angle’s race-baiting campaign, which has upped the ante on demonizing Latinos and immigrants (see images at right) and has become the focus of major Latino voter mobilization efforts is contributing to the new “Democratic early voter surge” being reported in Nevada. 

At the Huffington Post, Michael P. McDonald reports on a “A Late Democratic Early Voting Surge in Nevada:”

Day-by-day tracking of in-person early voters in Clark County, Nevada shows an uptick of registered Democrats and Independents in the last week of the early voting period. Registered Republicans, on the other hand, showed their best performance of the entire early voting period on Monday, but their numbers have since flat-lined. As a consequence, the number of registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by the greatest single-day margin on Thursday — 3,400. This is significant because Clark County is home to Las Vegas and it is likely that well more than half of the state’s votes will be cast in this county.

According to McDonald, today is the last day to Early Vote in Nevada.

Reform Immigration For America has a new simple voting tool up to find your polling place.