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Florida Law Takes SB 1070 to New Level, Exempts Canadians and Europeans

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William Snyder, Rick ScottIf you thought SB 1070 was controversial, keep reading.

Florida Republican State Legislator William Snyder (pictured at right, to the left), has proposed a new immigration bill for his state, modeled after the infamous Arizona law that has even federal judges admitting that it encourages racial profiling. 

But what’s different about this bill is (wait for it…): apparently if you’re white, no worries. You’re exempt from any suspicion!

Vanessa at Feministing reports:

On page three of the bill (see it here) very similar to Arizona’s anti-immigration bill, an amendment states that if an officer has suspicions over a person’s immigration status, that person will be “presumed to be from the United States” if they provide a “Canadian passport” or from any other “visa waiver country.” The Miami New Times points out  that “other than four Asian nations, all 32 other countries are in Western Europe, from France to Germany to Luxembourg.”

Subtle, folks.