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Are You New to Immigration Reform? Check Out Our Immigration FAQ

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Are you new to immigration reform as an issue? Check out our immigration reform FAQ here.

Below are some of the topics we discuss:

I. Immigration 101

  • Who are the undocumented?
  • Why do some immigrants come without papers?
  • Why can’t immigrants just “get legal”?
  • How do immigrants get deported?
  • Why don’t we use the term “illegal immigrant”?
  • What’s a Dreamer?

II. What is immigration reform and why should we support it?

  • Comprehensive immigration reform includes…
  • How states can support immigrants
  • How immigration reform helps the US and underscores US values

III. Hot topics in the immigration debate

  • How opponents of immigration reform conflate immigrants with crime
  • The border and the border wall
  • What are deportation priorities?
  • Immigration and the economy
  • What is a sanctuary city?
  • ICE, CBP, and DHS

IV. How Donald Trump is changing US immigration enforcement

V. Immigration under the Obama Administration

  • DACA
  • DAPA
  • Before Obama

VI. Congress and immigration reform

  • What has Congress done to fix our broken immigration system?
  • Notable Members of Congress opposed to immigration reform
  • John Tanton’s network: CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA

VII. How you can help / Ask a question

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