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Are You New to Immigration Reform? Check Out Our Immigration FAQ


Are you new to immigration reform as an issue? Check out our immigration reform FAQ here.

Below are some of the topics we discuss:

I. Immigration 101

  • Who are the undocumented?
  • Why do some immigrants come without papers?
  • Why can’t immigrants just “get legal”?
  • How do immigrants get deported?
  • Why don’t we use the term “illegal immigrant”?
  • What’s a Dreamer?

II. What is immigration reform and why should we support it?

  • Comprehensive immigration reform includes…
  • How states can support immigrants
  • How immigration reform helps the US and underscores US values

III. Hot topics in the immigration debate

  • How opponents of immigration reform conflate immigrants with crime
  • The border and the border wall
  • What are deportation priorities?
  • Immigration and the economy
  • What is a sanctuary city?
  • ICE, CBP, and DHS

IV. How Donald Trump is changing US immigration enforcement

V. Immigration under the Obama Administration

  • DACA
  • DAPA
  • Before Obama

VI. Congress and immigration reform

  • What has Congress done to fix our broken immigration system?
  • Notable Members of Congress opposed to immigration reform
  • John Tanton’s network: CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA

VII. How you can help / Ask a question

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