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In Nevada, Thousands Of Voter Registration Forms Are Pouring In Weekly

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In the battleground state of Nevada, thousands of voter registration forms are pouring in on a weekly basis from those seeking to vote in time for the 2016 election.

From News 3 Las Vegas:

“Since the last week of June, we’ve been averaging six or seven thousand registrations weekly for my staff, which is considerable,” Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria told me at the end of July. Reached today by phone, Gloria told me that number jumped last week to 17,000 registrations. The week before, he said, it was 14,000.

While both Democrats and Republicans appear to be making a play for Nevada voters, Donald Trump’s xenophobic campaign has become a drag for Republicans in the state and could mean major trouble when it comes to courting an all-imporant voter bloc: Latinos.

Among Latino voters in Nevada, Democrat Hillary Clinton is leading the Republican nominee 70%-14%, according to a recent survey from leading polling firm Latino Decisions.

65% of Latino voters said that the anti-immigrant positions from pro-Trump Rep. Joe Heck — currently battling Catherine Cortez-Masto to replace Sen. Harry Reid — would make them less likely to vote for him. Among Latino voters, Cortez-Masto leads Heck 61%-22%

“With the looming election looking close, particular attention has been paid to Southern Nevada’s growing Latino community, which in some contests could be the difference between victory and defeat.”

More from News 3 Las Vegas:

“We register a lot of students on campus every day, and it’s extremely important because this is actually going to be a polling location, says Clinton Campaign Field Organizer Pilar Grullon, as she stood near UNLV’s Lied Library.

Registration drives are everywhere. From the DMV to grocery stores, to campuses, to neighborhoods, prospective voters are hot commodities.

The GOP’s Sara Sendek says her party has it’s biggest Nevada operation ever.

“We’ve got staff out there knocking on doors every day, recruiting volunteers, registering voters and making sure that people are getting out to the polls on election day,” she told me at the party’s Sun City Summerlin Headquarters. A couple doors down from our interview, a small cadre of volunteers were manning phones and canvassing voters.

“Nevada is clearly going to be one of the most important states this election cycle,” said Sendek.