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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 13, 2013

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Talking Points Memo by Sahil Kapur: GOP Nixes Immigration Reform In 2013 — And Probably 2014 Too

National Journal by Marin Cogan: No, the GOP Is Not About to Capture Latino Voters

International Business Times by Laura Matthews: Why Immigration Reform May (Or May Not) Die In 2013

Las Vegas Sun by Tovin Lapin: Immigration in brief: House whip says no time to pass reform in 2013; advocates continue to press

Washington Times by Stephen Dinan: Hispanic’s arrest reignites debate over Arizona ‘show your papers’ immigration law

The Hill by Russell Berman: How immigration died — Part 1

The Hill by Russell Berman: How immigration died, part 2: Boehner bails on bipartisan legislation

Politico By Jake Sherman and Burgess Everett: Congress seems to be done legislating for the year

Business Insider by Danny Vink: Republican Rejection Of 3 Popular Policies Show Why The Party Is Hated

Politico by Reid Epstein: Biden: Don’t let immigration die like gun control

Wall Street Journal by By Laura Meckler and Kristinia Peterson: Advocates for Immigration Bill Are Taking a New Tack

Washington Post by Katherine Burgess: Activists to fast on Capitol Hill until Congress passes immigration reform

NBC Latino by Suzanne Gamboa: Activists pitch a tent in view of the Capitol, start fast for immigration reform bill

MSNBC by Benjy Sarlin: Hit the deck! Republicans prepare for immigration fallout

US News & World Report by Lauren Fox: Republicans in Swing Districts Damaged by Inaction on Immigration

Los Angeles Times  by Lisa Mascaro: California House member pushes for immigration reform this year

10 TV News by Jim Heath (Ohio): Ohioans Believe Immigration System Is Broken

Washington Post by Kathleen Parker (Opinion): Republicans get another second chance

The Hill (Congress Blog) By Arturo Carmona: Latino leaders silent in the face of immigration policy crisis

Fox News Latino By Mario Baeza (Opinion): Post-Shutdown, Time to Move Forward on Immigration and Conservation

Star-Ledger: Christie tap dances on immigration: Editorial

Miami Herald by Marc Caputo: The Democrats’ role in hamstringing immigration reform in the US House

Daily Kos by Markos: California a preview of coming attractions for national Republicans

The Buzz, Tampa Tribune by Alex Leary: Wide support for immigration reform in Rep. Dennis Ross’ district, poll shows

PoliticsPA by  Brittany Foster: Harper Polling: Pennsylvanians Support Immigration Reform

Huffington Post Blog by David Leopold: House GOP Needs to Put up or Shut up on Immigration Reform

Think Progress by Esther Yu-Hsi Lee: Faith Leaders And Activists Fast To Protest Inaction On Immigration Reform

Ag Professional by Christine Souza, California Farm Bureau Federation: Immigration reform needed now, say backers