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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 12, 2015

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The Hill: Senator seeks to end ‘birthright citizenship’
By Jordain Carney

The Hill: Republicans cast a wary eye at new round in immigration fight
By Bernie Becker

National Journal: Conservatives Keep Losing to Leadership. Can They Change the Game?
By Sarah Mimms

Wall Street Journal: Politics Counts: How Safety of GOP Seats Fuels Defections
By Dante Chinni

Vox: Why aren’t Republicans proposing mass deportation? It’s too expensive.
By Dara Lind

Washington Post: Mexican kids held for months as punishment for border-crossing
By Joshua Partlow

Wall Street Journal: Federal Agents Raid Schools in Los Angeles Catering to Foreign Students
By Miriam Jordan

Huffington Post: GOP’s Opposition To Obama Immigration Actions Is Poor Politics, Study Says
By Lydia O’Connor

Los Angeles Times (California): Feds allege sweeping immigration fraud in L.A. trade schools
By Joseph Serna

Reno Gazette Journal (Nevada): Protesters shut down Carson Street
By Anjeanette Damon and Ray Hagar

AP (Nevada): Activists Protest in Carson City Over Immigration Lawsuit

KTVN (Nevada): Protesters Against Immigration Lawsuit Descend on Carson City
By Kellene Stockwell

Roll Call (Opinion): Republican Opposition to Lynch Might Make History
By David Hawkings

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Jeb’s Immigration Wingman
By Francis Wilkinson

Arizona Republic (Opinion-Arizona): Oh, just secede already, Arizona Legislature
By Laurie Roberts