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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 16, 2013

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International Business Times by Laura Matthews: Immigration Reform 2013: Conservatives Convinced Boehner Ready To Sell Out After Budget Deal

Washington Post by David Nakamura: Budget deal in Congress raises White House hopes on other priorities

Washington Post by Reid Wilson: After Senate budget vote, few hopes for a productive 2014

The Hill by Mario Trujillo: Heritage Action: Boehner picks fight to clear way for immigration

Associated Press by Steve Peoples: Biden: Immigrants, Legal Or Not, ‘Are Already Americans’ 

Huffington Post by Elise Foley: Steve King: Immigration Would Split GOP, Hurt Obamacare Fight

Politico by Seung Min Kim: DHS nominee Jeh Johnson defends immigration bill

Politico by Alexander Burns: L.A.’s Eric Garcetti: Mayors will lead on immigration

VOXXI by Griselda Nevarez: Father Deported Despite Efforts From Family And Immigration Reform Advocates

The Press-Enterprise (California) by David Olson: IMMIGRATION REFORM: 11 days of visits to Gary Miller’s office

New York Times (Editorial): A Judge’s Duty to Warn About Deportation

La Opinión (Editorial): Hope and frustration

Huffington Post (Blog) by David Leopold: Mr. Speaker, Please Don’t Let the ‘Immigration Grinch’ Steal Christmas 

Huffington Post (Blog) by Jim Wallis: Immigration Reform: It Ain’t Over Until God Says It’s Done

USA Today (Opinion) by Rep. Xavier Becerra: Immigrants deserve path to citizenship: Opposing view

Washington Post (Right Turn) by Jennifer Rubin: The battle for the Republican Party

MSNBC (Opinion) by Richard Lui: Asian Americans want immigration reform, too 

Los Angeles Times (Opinion) By Jagdish Bhagwati and Francisco Rivera-Batiz: On immigration, look to the states

Huffington Post (Blog) by Juan Escalante: White House Refuses to Answer ‘Tough’ Questions on Immigration During Skype Chat 

Boston Globe (Massachusetts — Opinion) by Marcela  García Friction in an immigrant town

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona — Opinion) by Tim Steller: Fate of former DPS officer depends on immigration ‘discretion’

Herald Online (Pennsylvania — Opinion) by Matthew Blanton: Evangelicals care about immigration