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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 21, 2013

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The Atlantic: Immigration Reformers Are Winning August
By Molly Ball

Politico: Anti-immigration reform’s laid-back summer
By Anna Palmer

Washington Post (Blog): Here’s how Republicans may try to kill immigration reform
By Greg Sargent

New York Times (Blog): Non-Citizens, United
By Lawrence Downes

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Giving lawmakers added motivation on immigration
By Steve Benen

McClatchy Newspapers: Obama border crackdown hasn’t convinced GOP
By Anita Kumar

Huffington Post: Bob Goodlatte: Dreamers Should Not Get A Path To Citizenship
By Elise Foley

Salon: Immigration reform just got punched in the gut
By Brian Beutler

ABC/Univision: Top Republican: No New Citizenship Path for Dreamers
By Jordan Fabian

Talking Points Memo: Immigration Reformers, Wake the F’ Up!
By Josh Marshall

Washington Monthly: Counting on False Equivalency
By Ed Kilgore

Huffington Post: Pro-Immigration Reform Evangelical Group Makes $400,000 Ad Buy
By Elise Foley

NBC: Evangelical coalition keeps up immigration push with big radio buy
By Carrie Dann

US News and World Report: Immigration Reform Could Boost U.S. Economy
By Lauren Fox

Talking Points Memo: Report: Senate Immigration Bill Would Add About 14,000 Jobs Per District
By Tom Kludt

ThinkProgress: Steve King Says Even Debating Immigration Is Unwise, Wants To Move On To Benghazi
By Scott Keyes

The Wichita Eagle (Kansas): Many in Kansas anxiously await outcome of immigration policy reform
By Brent Winstrom

Birmingham News: Immigrants, activists try to put human face on immigration debate
By Stan Diel

The News Leader (Virginia—Editorial): Goodlatte puts his bias on full view

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Top House Republican on immigration says no path to citizenship. Not even for DREAMers.
By Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Key House Republican looks to kill immigration reform
By Steve Benen

Washington Post (Blog): Why killing immigration reform probably wouldn’t hurt GOP in 2014
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Blog): Policy and politics in immigration
By Jennifer Rubin

Fox News (Opinion): Republican leaders pushing door open for immigration deal
By Juan Williams

Des Moines Register (Iowa—Opinion): Time to move past words on immigration reform
By Rev. Barb Dinnen, Hector Salamanca and Nick Harrington

Waco Tribune (Texas—Opinion): Comprehensive immigration reform a must for Texas business
By Bill Hammond

Right Wing Watch: Steve King: ‘Cantaloupes’ Comment Just Like Complimenting Bodies of ‘Olympic Athletes’
By Brian Tashman

Crooks and Liars: Tea Party Goes Wild As Child’s Hopes Crushed
By Karoli