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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, April 9, 2015

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MSNBC: 3 big immigration questions the GOP 2016 field must answer
By Benjy Sarlin

National Journal: Immigration Activists Won’t ‘Coronate’ Hillary Clinton As Their Candidate
By Priscilla Alvarez

MSNBC: Good news on the horizon for Obama’s immigration action
By Amanda Sakuma

Vox: The Obama administration gets some good news on its immigration lawsuit
By Dara Lind

Politico: Texas judge accuses DOJ lawyers of ‘misconduct’ in immigration dispute
By Josh Gerstein

Wall Street Journal: Federal Judge Excoriates White House for ‘Troubling Misrepresentations’
By Jacob Gershman

Washington Times: Team Obama fires back: Justice Dept. lawyers insist they didn’t lie to court over amnesty
By Stephen Dinan

Bloomberg: Obama Bid to Lift Delay on Immigration Order Denied by Judge
By Justin Sink

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Army Expands Immigrant Recruitment Program
By Miriam Jordan

Reuters: U.S. Immigration Agents Arrest Nearly 1,000 Gang Members In Sweep

Los Angeles Sun Times (California): California Democrats team up for immigration reform bill
By Michael Cronin

NewJersey.com (New Jersey): N.J. should give unauthorized immigrants financial aid to attend college, report says
By Kelly Heyboer

NorthJersey.com (New Jersey): Stile: Strong Governor Christie supporter ‘blindsided’ on immigration
By Charles Stile

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Hillary’s Path to Victory?
By Jill Lawrence

New York Times (Upshot): The G.O.P. Presidential Field Looks Chaotic. It’s Not.
By Nate Cohn

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): 181 House Democrats File Brief in Support of the Obama Administration’s Immigration Executive Actions
By Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Arizona Republic (Editorial-Arizona): Immigrant kids shouldn’t suffer for political bickering