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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, April 6, 2015

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Fox News Latino: Sen. Bob Menendez appeals to Latinos in Spanish-language video: I fight for you

NorthJersey.com (Opinion-New Jersey): On his home turf, Menendez still shines
By Tina Susman

New York Times: Immigration Debate Could Put Focus on Texas, and Its G.O.P. Contenders
By Nick Corasaniti and Maggie Haberman

Tampa Bay Times (Florida): Florida is not a given for Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio
By Adam C. Smith

Washington Post (The Fix): President Obama met with Mormon leaders on immigration — a rare issue they actually agree on
By Hunter Schwarz

The Hill:Obama meets with Mormon leaders, senators in Utah
By Ben Kamisar

Reuters: Obama Meets With Mormon Church Leaders During Utah Visit

AP: Despite immigration fight, Denver schools take lead in hiring DREAMer teachers

AP: Low Turnout for DREAMers Driver’s Licenses in Arizona
By Jim Anderson

Al Jazeera America: Fault Lines – The Deported: America’s Immigration Battle [VIDEO]

McClatchy: Hunger strike by immigrant mothers at Texas facility prompts probe
By Franco Ordonez

MSNBC: Hunger-striking immigrant moms and kids allege retaliation
By Amanda Sakuma

Huffington Post: Cities, Counties Ask Appeals Court To Let Obama Immigration Programs Move Forward
By Elise Foley

Washington Times: Business advocates lobby Congress for more guest workers, high-tech visas
By Stephen Dinan

Fox News Latino: New York City’s first Hispanic council speaker becomes national voice on immigration, criminal justice

Politico: The center-right fights back
By Lauren French

The Hill: WHIP LIST: Lynch struggles for Republican votes in the Senate
By Tim Devaney

Arizona Republic (Arizona): 100,000 ‘dreamers’ could lose 3-year work permits
By Daniel Gonzalez

Washington Post (Plum Line): Republican voters want a president who will oppose climate action, immigration reform, Iran nuke deal
By Greg Sargent

Forbes (Opinion): Another Great Argument In Favour Of Immigration
By Tim Worstall

The Hill (Op-Ed): Broken immigration system needs repair
By Lupe Valdez

The Hill (Op-Ed): Punished twice: Immigrants denied health coverage, penalized anyway
By Marielena Hincapie and LeeAnn Hall

Washington Post (Op-Ed): Bishops’ policy for immigrant teenagers: Sorry you were raped, but we won’t help you
By Brigitte Amiri