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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 8, 2014

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La Opinión (Editorial): A proselytizing Congress

Washington Post: As Obama weighs moves on immigration, issue is splintering Democrats

Huffington Post: How Big Will Obama Go On Executive Action Immigration Reform?

Associated Press: Obama Defends Decision To Delay Immigration Action

Reuters: Obama delays acting on immigration until after November elections

Wall Street Journal: Obama Delays Executive Action on Immigration Until After Elections

USA Today: Obama delays action on changes to immigration system

Bloomberg: Obama Angers Latino Allies by Delaying Immigration Change

Washington Post: To some, Obama’s immigration delay proves ‘it’s never convenient to help out Latinos’

BuzzFeed: Obama To Delay Action On Slowing Deportations Until After Election

New York Times: Political Shift Stalls Efforts to Overhaul Immigration

Politico: Immigration gamble: Will it work?

MSNBC: Partisan politics put White House off immigration reform

Roll Call: Obama Punts on Immigration Until After Elections (Updated)

Washington Times: Obama shelves immigration action; Hispanic activists enraged

Los Angeles Times: Obama draws flak over immigration reform delay

New Republic: It’s Official: Obama Delaying Deportation Order

McClatchy: Under pressure, Obama postpones action on immigration

The Hill: Immigration activists rip Obama

Huffington Post: Immigration Activists Livid After Obama Delays Deportation Relief

BuzzFeed: “No Backbone”: Activists Bitterly Disappointed With Obama, Dems After Delay On Slowing Deportations

Al Jazeera America: Immigration reform delay a ‘slap to the face,’ activists tell Obama

Fox News: Obama’s delay on immigration action brings storm of criticism from Hispanics, liberal supporters

Slate: Obama Angers Immigration Reform Advocates by Delaying Action Until After Election

NBC News: Meet the Press Transcript – September 7, 2014

Newsmax: Latino Leaders: Obama Betrayed Us With Immigration Flip-Flop

Sky News: Obama’s Immigration Delay Angers Campaigners

Breitbart: Obama Delays Executive Action on Amnesty

American Thinker: Obama delays amnesty decision until after elections

VOA News: Obama to Delay Immigration Policy Shift Until After Nov. 4

Bustle: Obama Defends Immigration Reform Delay, But It May Still Hurt Democratic Chances In 2016

PressTV: Latino leaders feel ‘fooled’ by Obama

People’s Pundit Daily: Obama Defends Amnesty Delay Amid Activists’ Outrage

Politico: Barack Obama: Immigration decision ‘soon’

New York Times: Obama Delays Immigration Action, Yielding to Democratic Concerns

Washington Post: Obama to delay executive action on immigration until after election

Politico: President Barack Obama punts on immigration until after election

NBC News: Exclusive: Obama Blames Border Crisis for Immigration Reform Delay

Washington Post: Democrats criticize Obama’s immigration decision

The Hill: Dem lawmakers blast immigration decision

The Hill: House Dem: Latinos ‘frustrated’ with Obama, ‘pissed off’ at GOP

The Hill: Menendez ‘deeply disappointed’ with Obama’s decision

Vox: Obama keeps trying to explain immigration reform instead of actually doing it

Wall Street Journal: Obama Irks Lawmakers in Both Parties With Immigration Delay

Wall Street Journal: Obama Aims to Shift Immigration Debate to 2016

Wall Street Journal: Immigration: The Surprisingly Toxic Debate for Obama

Politico: Why Obama retreated on immigration

Politico: Obama disappoints, again

Politico: John Boehner: ‘Raw politics’ behind Obama immigration delay

The Hill: Rubio: Obama ‘doesn’t want to be held accountable’ by voters

The Hill: Gutierrez going ‘back to the drawing board’ with Obama on immigration

The Hill: Union: Obama broke promise on immigration

The Hill: McConnell: Obama will ‘go around law’

New York Times: In Remote Detention Center, a Battle on Fast Deportations

Wall Street Journal: Immigrants Benefit From White House Initiative

Politico: As border crisis fades, so does need for new funds

Politico: Luis Gutiérrez: Martin O’Malley ‘champion’ of immigration

Washington Post: O’Malley’s record on immigration praised by fellow Democrats in Chicago

Associated Press: Border Patrol: Leave Law Enforcement To The Pros

New York Times: Unicef Report Details Endemic Violence Against Children

Fusion: Best seat in the House: who will win Colorado’s purple prize in 2014?

Chronicle-Telegram (Ohio): Husband, father ordered to return to Mexico

Associated Press (New York): NYC immigrant public defender system breaks ground

Texas Observer (Texas): Feds Planning Massive Family Detention Center in South Texas

New York Times (Editorial): The ‘Secure Communities’ Illusion

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Obama’s Immigration Cynicism

Washington Post (Right Turn): Obama’s immigration train wreck

Washington Post (The Fix): How President Obama mishandled immigration

National Journal (Opinion): On Immigration, Obama in a Box of His Own Making

The Hill (Congress Blog): Obama cannot afford to break another promise on immigration

The Hill (Opinion): Juan Williams: Johnson ready for clash

Washington Post (The Fix): Six questions Chuck Todd should ask President Obama on ‘Meet the Press’ this weekend