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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 25, 2014

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La Prensa San Diego (Opinion): Voting Is The Only Option

The Hill: After immigration punt, Obama to make his case to Hispanic Caucus

MSNBC: Growing religious movement shields undocumented immigrants

Huffington Post: Congregations Open Doors To Undocumented Immigrants

NBC News: Clergy Call For Sanctuary for Immigrants Facing Deportation

MSNBC: Feds easing back on some Operation Streamline prosecutions

MSNBC: Feds greenlight huge immigrant family detention center in Texas

The Hill: Bill would reimburse states for expenses on illegal immigration

The Hill: Supporters say immigration law could pass — with a GOP Senate

New York Times: Jeb Bush Returns to Fray and Finds Going Rough

The Hill: McCain gets ready for race of his life

Roll Call: Rep. Henry Cuellar: ‘I Will Die As a Democrat’

Talking Points Memo: First At TPM: Grimes Pits Republicans Against McConnell On ‘Amnesty’

Roll Call: National Education Association Dives Into Colorado Race (Video)

Washington Examiner: U.S. immigration has reached record high

Denver Post (Colorado): Reince Priebus holds “unity rally” with Colorado Republicans

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada): Immigration cases delayed by backlog

San Antonio Express-News (Texas): What Hispanic voter record is Abbott trying to break?

Texas Tribune (Texas): Push to Repeal DREAM Act Could Face GOP Criticism

La Opinión (Editorial): Register to vote

Washington Post (Blog): Light-skinned minorities won’t grow the Republican Party

Washington Post (Letter to the Editor): Department of Homeland Security has steady, able leadership

National Journal (Opinion): How Boston Encourages U.S. Citizenship

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