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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 9, 2014

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Radio Bilingue: Deportations and Electoral Politics. Also, Rubén Gallego.

NBC News: White House Explains Shelving Immigration Until After Elections (VIDEO)

The Hill: White House doubts shutdown fight over immigration reform

Roll Call: Earnest Doubts Immigration Shutdown Showdown

Washington Times: White House: Obama doesn’t want immigration reform to be ‘casualty’ of election 

Huffington Post: Immigration Advocates: ICE Is ‘Out Of Control’

Fusion: Immigration activists say feds are stepping up home raids

Fox News Latino: Congressman claims ISIS fighters caught crossing border through Mexico, DHS denies claim

ABC News: DHS Rebuffs Congressman’s Claim ISIS Infiltrating Southern Border

New Republic: No, Islamic State Militants Have Not Been Caught by U.S. Border Patrol

Mother Jones: Immigration, ISIS, and Ebola: A Perfect Right-Wing Storm

Bloomberg: The Battle for Colorado

Bloomberg: How Karl Rove Learned to Love “Amnesty”-Bashing (If It Can Beat Some Democrats)

Bloomberg: Why the GOP Wants You to Think There’ll Be an Immigration Deal if They Win

Fox News Latino: Distancing himself from immigration debate, Marco Rubio in New Hampshire to stump for Scott Brown

National Journal: On Immigration, Texas GOP Steers Right

Fox News: Fox News Polls: Senate battleground races trending GOP, Roberts up in Kansas

Las Vegas Sun: Deportation stats suggest Obama hasn’t upheld vow to target criminals

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia): Outsourcing, Obama top topics in heated U.S. Senate debate

Associated Press (Florida): Florida unfairly targeting undocumented agricultural workers who used fake IDs, advocates say

New York Times (The Upshot): Why Georgia May Be Bluer Than It Appears

Washington Post (The Fix): Why more and more cities are refusing to help the government deport immigrants

Christian Science Monitor (Blog): Why Obama may punt on executive action on immigration, even after the election

Vox (Opinion): He doesn’t know it yet, but Obama’s likely to break another promise on immigration

National Journal (Opinion): Is Obama Overstepping His Executive Authority on Immigration?

Huffington Post (Blog): The Tragic Cost of Family Detention: Sexual Abuse and Assault

Huffington Post (Blog): Immigration Is Not the Only Way Texas Could Turn Blue

Aurora Sentinel (Colorado – Editorial): Endorsement: Romanoff Already Represents CD6 Voters, Send Him To Congress To Do The Job

Bakersfield Californian (California – Opinion): Ceremony shows what’s best about immigration

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