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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 7, 2014

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NBC News: Report: Since Eisenhower, Executive Action Used for Immigration

Fox News Latino: U.S. deported a record number of undocumented immigrants in 2013, DHS says

Fox News Latino: Latino voters turning their backs on President Obama over lack of action on immigration

MSNBC: Sex abuse at immigrant family detention center, groups allege

The Hill: Jeb Bush cuts trio of Spanish-language ads for Republicans

The Hill: Klobuchar to House: Pass immigration reform

WAMU: Voices From El Salvador: Gang Violence Driving Youth Exodus

Wall Street Journal: Immigration: Grim Caseload at the Border

MSNBC: Leading activist urges acceptance of the entire American family

Washington Post: In a battle of Latino accents, Laura Ingraham and Jose Díaz-Balart duel over proper pronunciation

Politico: Mark Udall, Cory Gardner spar in Colorado debate

Politico: John Hickenlooper defends ‘deliberation’ in debate

The Hill: Colorado Senate hopefuls Udall, Gardner court controversy

Denver Post: Pot, immigration trip up governor, Senate candidates in Denver debates

Associated Press (New Mexico): New Mexico debate in Spanish part of growing trend

Des Moines Register (Iowa): Minutemen to rally at Iowa Capitol for border security

CBS DFW (Texas): Religious Leaders Tired Of Waiting For Immigration Reform

KTRH (Texas): Texas Congressman Unveils Border Security Plan

Monitor (Texas): Cuellar of Laredo explains his vote for immigration reform

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Those Migrant Children Belong With Their U.S. Families

New York Times (Letter to the Editor): Central American Refugees

Washington Post (Plum Line): All the single ladies

MSNBC (Opinion): The right accent: #ImBilingual

Huffington Post (Blog): Seriously Flawed Latino Polling in Georgia Leads to Wildly Incorrect Speculation

National Journal (Opinion): Even Bigoted Hispanics Will Vote for Blacks—and 4 Other Surprises About ‘Latino America’

Kansas City Star (Kansas – Opinion): Dave Helling: How Pat Roberts, Greg Orman differ on immigration

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