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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 3, 2014

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National Journal: Obama Faces Latino Audience Frustrated Over Immigration

New Republic: Obama Deserves Credit, Not Criticism, for His Recent Immigration Record

Huffington Post: Obama Heckled Defending Immigration Action Delay

Washington Post: Obama: I’ll take executive action on immigration between the midterms and end of the year

Wall Street Journal: Obama Says He’s Frustrated With Immigration Impasse

Politico: President Obama to CHC: Executive action before year’s end

NBC: Obama Pledges to Fight on Immigration, Urges Latinos to Vote

USA Today: Obama: Immigration orders by end of the year

NBC: Latino Vote Groups: Obama CHCI Speech May Help Rally Vote

Fusion: Obama faces tough sell on immigration at Hispanic gala

The Hill: Obama to reassure Hispanics

Vox: Is Boehner setting a trap for Obama on immigration reform?

Salon: Boehner springs another lame trap: Why Obama must ignore his latest overtures about immigration

Washington Post: Democrat Childers agrees to anti-amnesty pledge that Chris McDaniel signed

Wall Street Journal: Roberts’s Immigration Gambit

MSNBC: 5 cringe-worthy GOP candidate remarks on immigration

Associated Press: RNC chair: GOP ready to lead

Associated Press: AP-GfK Poll: Economy Still the Top Election Issue

National Journal: How Latinos Are Saving Iowa

Washington Post: Immigration critic says Liberian ebola patient should not have received U.S. visa

CNN: It’s like TurboTax — for immigrant visas

Latino Magazine: No Fair: Who are these guys and why don’t they like us?

New York Times (New York): New York City Would Stop Honoring Many Immigrant Detention Orders

Staten Island Advance (New York): Staten Islanders rally at Borough Hall in support of immigration reform

Associated Press (Nebraska): Douglas County halts immigration detainers

The Tennessean (Tennessee): Nashville looks to avoid immigration ‘cauldron’

Associated Press (Texas): Complaint alleges sex abuse at immigration lockup

Huffington Post (Blog): Delay in Executive Action on Immigration Does Not Change GOP Culpability on Immigration Reform

The Hill (Blog): When Reagan and GHW Bush took bold executive action on immigration

The Hill (Blog): We need to uncap the number of H-1B visas

Politico (Opinion): Time for a Latino Political Party?

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