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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 15, 2014

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Wall Street Journal: Grimes’s Immigration Ad Attacks McConnell on ‘Amnesty’

Politico: Alison Lundergan Grimes hit on immigration, from left

Huffington Post: Progressive Group MoveOn Demands Alison Lundergan Grimes Remove Immigration Ad

Think Progress: Democratic Senate Nominee Fearmongers Over ‘Amnesty’

Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky): Grimes announces $4.9 million fundraising tally as national Democrats halt ads in Kentucky

Washington Post: Why an immigration investment scandal threatens to derail GOP’s Senate majority hopes

The Hill: Poll: Udall leading big with Hispanics

Politico: Scoop: Democrats pour $1M more into Georgia

BuzzFeed: Chamber Of Commerce Has Spent $15 Million On Candidates Who Oppose Them On Immigration

Politico: Latino groups vent frustration at CHC

The Hill: Where did it go wrong for Obama?

BuzzFeed: Alabama’s Draconian Anti-Immigrant Law Dies With A Whimper

Associated Press: Harvard junior took dying mom to Mexico, now stuck

Associated Press: U.S. grants visa for Harvard junior and DACA immigrant stuck in Mexico after mom’s death

The Hill: Silicon Valley company pushes online forms to prevent immigration ‘backlog’

The Hill: GOP grooms Hispanic stars to keep Arizona red

Boston Globe (Massachusetts): Gubernatorial candidates debate immigration, without Baker

Portland Press-Herald (Maine): 2nd District candidates spar over economy and immigration, diverge on gun rights

Washington Post (Plum Line): Scott Brown: Anyone with Ebola can ‘walk across’ our ‘porous’ border

The Hill (Opinion): A promise that must be kept, Mr. President

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