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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 14, 2014

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Real Clear Politics: Hispanic Voters in Colorado: Energized or Apathetic?

BuzzFeed: Immigration Activists Call Out Kentucky Dem’s “Morally Reprehensible” Tactics

Washington Times: Immigration reform a bipartisan litmus test for Democrats

EFE: Immigration: U.S. Democrats could pay dearly for miscalculation

Vox: This immigration scandal drove a state official to suicide — and could give Dems the Senate

Vox: Alison Lundergan Grimes doesn’t want you to know she’s running anti-amnesty ads against Mitch McConnell

Politico: DCCC pulls $1M in ads for Andrew Romanoff

Politico: Facebook-linked group drops $1M on Shaheen

Politico: Migrant children: Out of sight, still in mind

National Journal: Far Fewer Unaccompanied Minors Are Now Crossing the U.S. Border.

Associated Press: Dozens of undocumented migrants released from immigration facility, New Mexico mayor says

Reuters: Obama hangs tough on migrant detention despite slowing influx

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Most unaccompanied immigrant children attending deportation hearings

The Hill: GOP senators request GAO study on child refugee policies

Washington Post: DHS morale sinks further despite new leadership at the top, survey shows

The Hill: GOP senator warns Obama against unilateral action on immigration

Roll Call: Steve King Tops NumbersUSA Scorecard

Vox: 4 Congressmen say ISIS is on America’s border. We asked them for proof.

Miami Herald (Florida): Poll: Florida Hispanic voters strongly back Charlie Crist, Medicaid expansion

Associated Press (Alabama): Alabama Won’t Publish Immigration List

Cleveland Plain-Dealer (Ohio): Guns, immigration, Great Lakes among issues debated by Dave Joyce, challengers before editorial board (Audio)

MLive (Michigan): Jeb Bush in Grand Rapids touts immigration reform, Common Core

New York Times (Editorial): The Border Crisis Isn’t Over

Bloomberg View (Opinion): The U.S. Border Patrol’s Bumpy Road

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Midterm Election’s Sure Loser: Immigration Reform

Washington Post (Right Turn): Obama brings GOP together, helps blur differences

Washington Post (Opinion): Barack Obama, disappointer in chief

Washington Post (Opinion): Welcoming immigrant students is nothing new

Wall Street Journal (Letters to the Editor): To What Rights Are Illegal Minor Immigrants Entitled?

The Hill (Opinion): Juan Williams: Even a Senate victory won’t heal GOP divisions

USA Today (Opinion): Voices: Who’ll win midterm elections? Who cares?

MSNBC (Opinion): How the Latino vote becomes a movement for change

Fusion (Opinion): Undeterred by sex abuse scandal, feds push for more family detention centers

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Geraldo Rivera: Immigration frustration

Salon (Opinion): Denver Post submits superb entry for most asinine endorsement of 2014 cycle

MSNBC (Blog): Immigration advocate works to hold both parties accountable

MSNBC (Blog): Zoé M. Colón: Changing the narrative on immigration reform

Sun-Sentinel (Florida – Opinion): Gus West: Immigration not a crisis, it’s an opportunity

Des Moines Register (Iowa – Opinion): To thrive, immigration reform is a must

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