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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 21, 2014

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Boston Globe: Defying GOP, Obama acts on immigration

Huffington Post: Immigration Activists Celebrate Bittersweet Victory After Obama Grants Relief

McClatchy: Obama moves ahead on immigration overhaul

Financial Times: Obama to shield 5m from deportation risk

Newsweek: ‘Deporter in Chief’ No More: Obama Announces Relief for Millions of Immigrants

CBS4 (Denver): Denver Immigrants, Activists Hail Obama’s Address

Bloomberg: Obama Makes Good on Immigration Promise, Despite Political Risks

Al Jazeera America: Obama lifts the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants

Yahoo News: Republicans could struggle to roll back immigration changes

AP: Reaction to the President’s Immigration Plan

Washington Post: Illegal immigrants can start applying for delayed deportations this spring

Washington Post: (Plum Line): Morning Plum: GOP to double down on ‘voodoo’ economics?

Washington Post: Obama immigration plan will shield 4 million from deportation

Newsweek: What Can the GOP Do to Stop Obama’s Immigration Order?

Bloomberg: Republicans Split on How to Block Obama’s Immigration Order

Wall Street Journal: Republican Response on Immigration Faces Hurdle

The Hill: Sessions: Yes, order can be blocked

Talking Points Memo: GOPer Sees Obama Impeachment, Jail Time Over Executive Action

CQ: GOP Still Fuzzy on Strategy to Block Obama’s Immigration Move

Washington Post: Republican leaders hope to contain outrage in the ranks over Obama immigration moves

New York Times: G.O.P. Promises to Swiftly Counter Obama’s Immigration Moves

The Hill: Coburn: ‘You could see violence’ after Obama immigration order

Huffington Post: Rand Paul On Obama’s Immigration Executive Action: ‘We Should Take Him To Court’

NBCNews: McConnell: ‘Make No Mistake’ GOP Will Remember Obama Immigration Action (VIDEO)

Newsweek: The Border Patrol and the Executive Order

Wall Street Journal: On Immigration, Some Are Pro-Overhaul but Anti-Obama

Politico:Obama’s Big Gamble

CQ: Defunding Obama’s Immigration Moves May Prove Difficult

AP: Obama immigration order sets up battle with GOP

Al Jazeera America: Obama’s immigration action could help millions, but still shut out many

New York Times: Hispanic Voters Are Important for Republicans, but Not Indispensable

Politico: Why Obama limited immigration scope of action

MSNBC: The easiest immigration solution is also the best

The New Republic: Note to GOP: Just Because Right-Wingers Are Blind With Rage Doesn’t Mean Obama’s Immigration Action Is Illegal

Fortune: Even piecemeal immigration reform could boost the U.S. economy

Reuters: Obama’s immigration move expected to leave out millions of childless adults

Time: Republican Governors Blast President Obama’s Immigration Plans

National Journal: Will Congress Use Executive Order on Immigration as Excuse for More Gridlock?

The Hill: House GOP panel: Defunding immigration order ‘impossible’

Washington Post: Obama’s immigration action: What will it say and how many people will it affect?

Atlantic: President Obama’s Long-Awaited Immigration Decree

Politico: ‘Come out of the shadows’

Talking Points Memo: All You Need To Know About Obama’s Executive Action To Legalize 5 Million

The Hill: Boehner: Obama acting like an ’emperor’

Wall Street Journal:Obama to Protect 4 Million-Plus Immigrants From Deportation

The Hill: Obama’s sweeping action on immigration

Washington Post: DHS chief ‘recommended’ and supports Obama’s immigration actions

Bloomberg: GOP Can’t Take Obama’s Bait on Immigration: Rep. Schock (VIDEO)

National Journal: Obama’s Executive Action Isn’t Outrageous. It’s How Immigration Reform Gets Done.

Politico: President Obama unites 2016 crowd — for now

NPR: White House Adviser Cecilia Munoz Answers Immigration Questions

Politico: ‘Come out of the shadows’

Reuters: Republicans United in Anger, Not Immigration Response

Wall Street Journal: Republicans Weigh Legality of Obama’s Immigration Move

New York Times:In Immigration Battle, Some in G.O.P. Fear Alienating Hispanics

The Hill: Tech sector underwhelmed by Obama

New York Times:Obama’s Immigration Decision Has Precedents, but May Set a New One

The Atlantic: On Immigration, Obama Fulfills His Promise to Progressives

Washington Post: Immigration reform supporters: More work to do (VIDEO)

NBC News:Asian American Advocates Say Immigration Action Falls Short

Huffington Post: Crowd Gathers Outside White House To Support Obama On Immigration

Washington Post: For millions of illegal immigrants, a mix of celebration and deep disappointment

Houston Chronicle (Texas): Why is Obama going to Nevada, and not Texas, after revealing immigration plan?

Denver Post (Colorado): Latino advocate suggests Hickenlooper misses mark on immigration

WSJ: Colorado’s Hickenlooper on Getting Re-elected: It’s About the Economy

The Atlantic: President Obama’s Immigration Order: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way

Washington Post (Post Partisan Blog): Obama’s powerful oration on immigration

Reuters (Blog): Starting with Latinos, Obama seeks a lasting legacy

New York Times (Op-Ed): The Democrats’ Immigration Problem

The Washington Post (Opinion) Obama’s immigration executive order is a confession of democratic failure

The Washington Post (The Fix): Why President Obama channeled his 2008 self to sell his immigration action

Forbes: Obama’s Action on Immigration Includes Entrepreneurs and High-Skilled Workers

The Huffington Post (Op-Ed): GOP’s Response to Obama’s Executive Action Could Define 2016 Election

Wall Street Journal (Blog): Obama’s Immigration Plan Seen Impacting Wages, Job Moves

Washington Post (The Fix): What President Obama thinks he knows about the coming immigration battle

The Hill (Op-Ed): The anti-immigrant freshmen come to Washington