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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 18, 2014

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The Hill: Democrats press Obama to wait on immigration executive action

MSNBC: Immigration advocates ready for executive action

Washington Post (Plum Line): Democrats might fracture over deportations, advocates worry

Politico: Senate Dems to Obama: We’re with you on immigration

Reuters: Leading Senate Democrats urge Obama to act on immigration

Business Insider: Senate Democrats Push Obama To Go Big On Immigration

The Hill: Senate Dems back Obama’s immigration executive order

Washington Post: Top Senate Democrats offer Obama support on immigration

Bloomberg: Americans Narrowly Oppose Obama Immigration Action: Poll

The Hill: In GOP, a new voice of immigration dissent

Washington Post: ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress Diane Guerrero’s parents were deported. It was a nightmare

Bloomberg: Watch a Republican Congressman Sidestep a Really Straightforward Question About Immigration

Washington Post: Bill Cassidy vows to fight Obama immigration executive order in campaign ad

The Hill: Poll: Plurality want Obama to delay immigration action

Washington Post: Obama’s potential immigration plan could enter uncharted territory

AP: SPIN METER: Obama is firm but vague on immigration

Vox: 9 facts that explain why Obama is about to help millions of immigrants

Bloomberg: Guns, Immigration Focus Of New Anti-Landrieu Ads in Louisiana

New York Times: For Obama, Executive Order on Immigration Would Be a Turnabout

AP: 2 GOP Presidents Acted Unilaterally on Immigration

USA Today: Poll: Resistance to Obama order on immigration

National Journal: Obama’s Proposed Executive Action Doesn’t Touch the Roots of Immigration Dysfunction

Wall Street Journal: Republicans Warn Obama About Unilateral Actions on Immigration

National Review: La Raza: ‘Very Important, Urgent’ Obama Sign Executive Amnesty ‘as Soon as Possible’

Talking Points Memo: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Breaks Down Talking About Family’s Deportation (VIDEO)

Vox: The political upside of Obama’s immigration plan

CQ: Executive Immigration Action Divides Ag Sector Allies

Latin Post: Communities Prepare as President Obama Eyes Executive Action on Immigration Reform

Fox News: Cotton hints at specific GOP spending bill tactic to counter Obama executive action

Washington Post (The Fix): Before Obama’s immigration decision, skepticism is palpable

The Hill (Pundits Blog): The pervasive myth of an immigration crisis

Washington Post (Fact Checker Blog): Obama’s flip-flop on using executive action on illegal immigration

New York Times (Opinion): Who’s Afraid of Executive Action?

New York Times (Opinion): Boehner’s immigration inertia forces Obama to act

Slate (Opinion): Pity the Republicans

The Atlantic (Opinion): Five Reasons Obama Shouldn’t Declare Amnesty

Talking Points Memo (Opinion): Reaping the Whirlwind

Bloomberg (Opinion): Republicans Can’t Pass Immigration Reform

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Dear Mr. President: Act Now on Immigration

Washington Post (Post Partisan Blog): Who poisoned the well in Washington?

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Unprecedented, except for all the other times

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed): ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress: My parents were deported

Washington Post (Opinion): Obama pursues a can-do approach

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): The GOP’s immigration puzzle

Fox Latino (Opinion): Can Hispanics survive Obama’s political suicide?

Mother Jones (Opinion): Why Won’t Orrin Hatch Blame Republicans For the Failure of Immigration Reform?

The Hill (Opinion): Judd Gregg: GOP must provide an alternative to Obama