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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 14, 2014

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CBSNews: Will Obama’s immigration moves have any staying power?

Al Jazeera America: Millions of immigrants could be shielded by Obama’s executive actions

National Journal: Activists React Cautiously to Obama Immigration Plans

AP: Obama Administration Considers Immigration Plan That Could Help 5 Million Get Deportation Protection

CNN: The immigration waiting game will end soon

Wall Street Journal: White House Considers Timing of Executive Action on Immigration

Time: Report: Obama Set to Go It Alone on Immigration

NPR: Obama Plans To Use Executive Action To Reshape Immigration

New York Times: Obama Plan May Allow Millions of Immigrants to Stay and Work in U.S.

Reuters: Obama plans to shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation: NY Times

NPR: Obama Will Approve Immigrant Work Permits For Millions

National Journal: Obama Reportedly Set to Act on Immigration

New York Times: Obama Plans to Protect Up to 5 Million From Deportation

Fox Latino: Pres. Obama’s reported 10-part immigration plan draws both fire and praise

Buzzfeed: Immigration Activists On Executive Actions: It’s Not Enough

Washington Post: Obama vows to move forward with plans for U.S. immigration system

Mother Jones: These Seven Conservatives Would Impeach Obama Over Immigration

Bloomberg: Lame-Duck Congress Becomes Obama’s Immigration Battleground

Politico: Defiant Obama: I will use my power

Politico: GOP considers bill to block President Obama on immigration

WSJ: Boehner Pledges Immigration Fight, But No Shutdown Threat

The Hill: Steve King warns of ‘constitutional crisis’

CNN: Could immigration cause another government shutdown?

The Hill: McConnell ‘disturbed’ by Obama’s path

CNN: Reid to Obama: Wait on immigration orders until after CR passes

Reuters: Top Senate Democrat urged Obama to delay U.S. immigration move

Washington Post: Top conservative wonks were optimistic about immigration reform. Not anymore.

NBCNews: Latino Conservatives Launch Immigration Group As W.H. Close To Executive Action

The Hill: Gutierrez blasts Dems for suggesting Obama delay immigration action

Politico: John Boehner: President Obama action on immigration will ‘jeopardize other issues’

Roll Call: Republicans Move to Ban Funding for Obama’s Immigration Action

Political Wire: Obama Readies Immigration Action

MSNBC: Hoyer: We need an immigration agreement (VIDEO)

NewsMax: Rep. Gutierrez: Obama Should Act ‘Quickly’ on Immigration

The Hill: Effort to block Obama’s immigration executive action gains momentum

NBC News: A Favor to Hillary? Obama’s Political Pros and Cons for Immigration Action

The Hill: Hoyer: Immigration action may force Republicans to act

Washington Post: DHS hit with immigration lawsuit

San Antonio Current (Texas): Family Detention is a Breeding Ground for Abuse and Mistreatment

La Opinión (Editorial): Is the wait almost over?

Boston Globe (Editorial): In plan to cut deportations, Obama makes the right move

New York Times  (Editorial): Big and Bold on Immigration

Daily Beast (Opinion): Didn’t Obama Hear Oregon’s Warning Shot on Immigration?

Washington Post (The Fix): President Obama is going to sign an executive order on immigration. Cue massive political explosion.

Washington Post (Plum Line): Obama’s immigration move revealed: The focus is on the family

Slate (Opinion): Obama’s Immigration Overhaul Is Going To Be a Big Freakin’ Deal

Fusion (Op-Ed): Why I Heckled Obama Over Immigration

The Arizona Republic (Opinion-Arizona): Obama immigration plan leaves GOP sputtering